Spiced Right

The pain at the pump is easing up.

Shrink-Flation. This is a new practice of product sales and deception. When you produce MILLIONS of products per day/week/month then change the size or thickness you spend less and gain more on the corporate side. However, this is tantamount to plain old greed.

The “Slow Boat to China” is a reality now. Yet, in reverse. We as Americans have lost our way. We have relied on others to help us, instead of helping ourselves.

Three things that are forever in our lives from birth: The love God has for His children, Taxes, and it is appointed man once to die. Our governments can control our taxes, but we have to elect them, when God puts the right people in the right places. Being in American, I have the right to free, uncensored speech and the right to Lock and Load to protect.

Love & Peace.