Monday Music Memory

Don’t Stop

That summer of ’77 was new for me. I was in a new home town. Thought the town was not new to me; living there was. I was a Marshall, TX Maverick.
Starting my ninth grade at Pemberton was unique. All of ninth grade Marshall went there. I kicked the soccer ball into the swimming pool.
Notes from the classmates, the bus ride to and from school. Credits for classes counting toward graduation.~~~Tomorrow.

Right now, the memory could go dark, or stay in the light. It depends on the mood of the day. {speaking in the moment} I would not put it as a “favorite” song. But rather, one I remember. One that connects me to more memories. You guys in the back? —> keep up. My life is not politics. I am just running for US Congress~ I can still win. This is a David and Goliath situation.

Be Blessed.