Different? Yes!

We are who we are.

Hello there family, friends, and foes. Laughter is medicine for the soul, chicken soup is good for the body, as well as Minestrone’. It is how each are delivered that makes them useful of not.
Some people miss the punchline. Some can’t boil water. However, we all have a place in this world.

I am elated that morals are being introduced back into schools, via prayers. It’s YHWH in action. The millennial is two decades old now. We are in a headlong run into the end of days, needing to guard our ears with what we hear, and by taking every thought captive.
Now there is always womb for babies. This is where God knits us, then sends us out with OUR FREE WILL, to buy guns, and speak freely about the over taxation from the government. It’s not a captive life, nor is it time to hoard. even less to worry about the climate, to which we have ZERO control.

Seize the Day
Liberty on Purpose.