Carbon Cabana

Chillin Like A Villain

The future of climate change rests on all of our shoulders. Left, Right and Middle. The reality of the situation is that, WE HAVE NO CONTROL… The Mayan Civilizations proved that, as well as Indigenous Tribes in the early America.
There are stock ponds that “turn over” in spite of a farmers best efforts. Mother Nature is the fairy-tale persona that we square the blame on. In truth, that would be the creators corner. Look at how His Grace scattered New Orleans in ’05…. Look at the carnage of the towers in ’01 ….(those who are sworn enemies of God) ~~~ The continued wildfires in the West? God will not be mocked.
Biden is the President. We are encouraged to pray for our enemies. People as a collective can be gullible, but 85 million ??? I don’t think so. His true colors are showing. Still, we need to pray.

I am the underdog…..Third Party candidate for District 4 ~~~US Congress ~~~~VOTE ~~~
VOTE~~~~~Gregory Maxwell. Westerman has a million dollar war chest. He voted AGAINST having 35$ Insulin. I would not do that.

Seize the Day
Liberty on Purpose.