Check the Edits

This ain’t Kutcher.

As time rolls along, I attend to my procrastination duties like a boss. This is acceptable, until it isn’t! Dilemma or quandary? The jury is still out on that. Forge on.
Some stuff is fluff, yet worthy of thought and contemplation. Facebook edits….I have a ton of fun with them. That is what they are there for. I sit and enjoy the day.

Voting is important. Do you vote? I am doing my part by taking part in the process. It is new and exciting. This is a “get to know Gregory Maxwell” website. All thoughts are mine. I sing, dance, write, and even act. I was in “Nashville” final episode on the first season. Yeah, the one with Brad Paisley.

They had to shoot the CMA Awards scene several times…..and of course, checking the edits.

Liberty on Purpose.