Five Times

Natural Selection/Democrats and Republicans

I have been through a lot these past several years. In November 2019 I had the Virus before it had a name. I have the detailed documentation. It was the year of the “Thanksgiving crud”. I coughed so hard that I pulled a muscle, and had to hang up in the middle of phone calls to talk. This lasted 4-6 weeks. I honestly thought mother nature was screwing with me, because I could not smell nor taste ANYTHING. I was in a transitional time in my personal life as well, thank goodness for kind ex-in-laws.

Between the times of health and illness, people were rude, the “PEACEFUL PROTESTS” tore the country in half. I should have crossed a few more “lines” ~~~that is water under the bridge as it stands. Mask, no mask, Vaccine ….no vaccine. These are our choices. (Unlike a 9-13 year old going through demonic TRANSGENDER attacks which are supported by the parents.) This HOT BUTTON I will address very soon.

I take the very least amount of meds needed to calm or cure. No vices, or addictions. Though lowly as I may be, I have great rewards in heaven. Cured of “Covid19” five “Documented” times. I will learn to fast a pray like I need to. Glory to God.