The truth is in the UPTICK

There is no humor concerning the uncontrolled inflation, but we need to act very soon. Before the real issues arrive. If we aren’t already too late. Within the past week, I have heard about WWIII~ and nuclear weapons deployment. The more you talk about the subject, the more true it will be able to come to pass. “Out of the mouth speaks the abundance of the heart.” This is a fact, not just a bible verse.

Every trip to the store is met with increased pricing. Scared? No. Concerned? Yes, to the utmost. I am an underdog for the US Congress…..Why? The other two parties are established. I am the underdog. If people would not vote the Party of the President, OR for a multiple elected incumbent. We will be sitting Libertarian. That is CHOICE…….and in less than a month you can make a choice.