To thine own self be true

A little slap happy, are we?

This is how to default on a career. How was it received? Will Smith derailed a whole genre. It is called comedy. Will Smith was half-wrapper, actor. He was no stand-up funny comedian like the seasoned Chris Rock.
My question is, What would Richard Pryor say considering today’s cultural climate?…I am certain Samuel L. Jackson’s “catch phrase” would put any thoughts to rest. Richard would not hold back, that much is true.
What does this all boil down to? How about controlling your actions, while another exercises freedom of speech. Hate speech hurts, but there is an OFF BUTTON, change the channel, do something. Anything but do not use force. Self control is hard to master in this day and time. Children do not respect the adults when garbage like this becomes the news story of the year.

Mind your manners
Be Blessed and