Autumn people can smell this picture.

We look forward to change sometimes. However, I have never been a fan of fall. It consumes the summers leaves. Unless you live in an ever tropical climate or in the southwest, in my observation, the consumption is death. Yes, only for a time.
I am thankful to experience change and grow my understanding and acceptance of this season. Winter has it’s own obstacles. AND LITERAL CHAINS that bind and protect.

Right now, I see the leaves fall, one-at-a-time……then it will chill for a few days…..THEN, when you think you can “REALLY” enjoy the colors~~~ a big cold front pushes through Arkansas and the trees are bare. That’s not fall. ~~~
This was: I lived a perfect fall in Philly one year. The drive with the covered road, the smell…and comfort of the whole season overtook my senses. This was before Adrian Pasdar made his splash in American Television….see, I was a cable TV tech, and I had a snowy picture issue at his parents house in Valley Forge, PA. and I traveled all over both, Bucks, and Montgomery counties. It was a lot to absorb.
Excellent memories still the same.

Be blessed.