Long Covid~

The days are getting brighter.

Obviously the title is about the subject. The subject is…

As of this posting, I have had Covid19 a total of five times. With each one being different from the rest…saving the first to be the worse. It was in November 2019, before it ever had a name. I had an undetermined “upper respiratory infection” as diagnosed by the doctor. I was living alone and working 60 hours a week at factory. I was dealing with an infection with an ingrown toenail.

I thought I had a black mold infection, but ….in hindsight, I had the Covid toes, the loss of taste and smell, along with a perpetuating headache. I had the cough so bad, that I had to hang up from phone calls from time to time. Yes, I was bedridden two days with a fever. My workplace was new for me. I lasted a month. I could not continue. But that is another story for another day.

The truth is, Long Covid brain fog is real and has exacerbated my already elevated anxiety. What does one do? You gotta Vote…..clear your mind, make some THIRD PARTY choices on Election Day. The fog and the truth in politics are real. Sometimes you gotta laugh, to keep from cryin.

Liberty on Purpose.