Ground Control to Major Tom

Going into Orbit!

This view is from the Oakland Park “ROCKET” in Pine Bluff. Yep, I can still climb to the top, but I can’t get into the cone like a 4th grader. I am fine with the memories I am able to conjure up, like my first Ferris Wheel ride. I also rode on the mini-train…and fed the ducks, like everyone else. Pine Bluff was HOME for most of my life, being my birthplace.

I am running for political office for the fourth district US Congress. I have ties to Pine Bluff, Hot Springs, and Russellville. All of which, now will be sporting Casinos. Yeah, it can turn into a campaign ad, but it is MY site, and I approve everything on it. But, back to the memories. What are your best ones?

Do you remember the fishing derby’s, and the Jaycee Golf Course, when it was GREEN, and SAFE? All of the wooden bridges? Time can even take away our past, unless we make the effort to share.

Seize the Day.