Potiphar’s House

This is not to be confused with The Potter’s House. However, I am pretty sure that at some point in time slander and liable will be confused by the truth. Tis the work of the Spirit, I just obey. Both houses have to do with a larger message. Right now, this focus is on Potiphar.

This is also about detours through life. Some we take, and others are made for us, by unfortunate circumstances, as in Joseph, the son of Jacob. Crazy women’s intentions and lies, put Joseph in prison. But when God favors someone, and makes a covenant with them. He is God, He cannot lie. He will fulfill our dreams in ways we could not imagine. Everything has a time under the sun. Cryptic talk and such, has a place.

As a candidate for political office, I am an open book. My “Character” is not hidden behind any veneer. What you see is what you get. All of the kinds of eggs and potatoes and their effective preparations. In a nutshell. Its about layers and change and listening. Joseph went for prison to Palace in a day’s time.

Liberty on Purpose.