Celebration of Life

Got to hand it to Mitch McConnell for playing the long game. Yep, I’ve said a swear word or two about him. He is a politician, Trump is a businessman. Both having the best interests of our country at heart. Trump goes to the DMZ…..Who does that? Trump! Jerusalem now holds the US Embassy as the Capital of Israel. Trump again.

Mitch clogged up the wheels with the Supreme Court nominees, while under Obama. Well played.

What does this have to do with the price of tea in China? We all have to get a grip on reality and understand that there are higher powers at work here. This Judaical victory has been 49 years of prayers coming to fruition.

With all of that being said, you have the power to change things with YOUR vote. If you are satisfied with what you have? Then don’t change your vote. There is a Third political party that is 50 years old. It is Libertarian.

The Democrats and Republicans see us as a threat to the good old boy system. I stand in the middle as Libertarian. Yes I am running for the 4th Congressional District of Arkansas in the US Congress.

Gregory Maxwell. No joke. It is time to really make a difference. You can help, I will be in the game until November. Stay Hydrated.