AKA ~ Parental Alienation Syndrome…..
It is kinda like alcoholism, and affects just as many families. It extends for years.

Those who have it become inflamed with an anger I can’t describe. To deny you have it, and begin to protect the person who puts the child or children in the position is evidence of the syndrome. I will go revise and go into more detail…..

Does one act of kindness erase 25 yrs of indifference? I forgive…..for whatever reason. God still has a purpose for my not to “let it go”……. I am just being obedient to His calling. It doesn’t make sense many times…..but rest assured. God has a plan. As a servant I will follow.

When your child is taken from you, after you have seen the firsts of firsts……..teeth, laughter, walking….Talking. It is a pain worse than death……(this particular circumstance unhinged me)… do you grieve the living? WAIT? They disappeared for 3 years COMPLETELY….. More to come…