Right in Front

There she is….in ALL of her professional glory ~~ Susan Fish ~~
…I have yet to make a concert….but there is hope.
The photo we have here is poignant….fast and slow combined. Black and white tells the best story on some subjects like this moment in time. With the advent of technology, we are missing the REAL, REAL. Many are like me, I would bet on it. ….and that is “I will record now and watch later” The truth be told, I like to set a static shot and let it record, while I enjoy the show.
I get caught up in the emotions and beat of the music. Nature shots are fun too. It is a different mindset to do, and mostly relaxing. Pets……… I love the Shitu Tzu pups the best. Boiling it all down?

We have limited time and resources, so we should make the most of each day. To take a pic, to record a song, to recite a poem is history in action. My favorite memories are in my mind and have not been put to ink just yet. It is a time consuming process only for me……because there is also pain.