End Times are Here.

The “End of Time” is a misnomer in that we know, time is measured but has no expiration date. All of the people on the time-line, past and present are nothing but blips on a screen. God says we are a vapor and dust we are made and to dust we will return.

Smoke is heavier than vapes, smoke is used to carry the fragrance of Frankincense and Myrrh to the heavens. How much time do we have? Who is God? Why must there be an “End”? Once Jesus came to Earth, this stopped the sacrificial shedding of blood through the animals in Jerusalem, Jesus blood was used ONCE,……..for ALL…….

Jesus said, remember me when you drink this wine, (which is blood) and eat this bread, (which is the body)… “I am the truth the light and the way.” ~~ Jesus