Power UP

These are electric times. Some are Cowboys while others are lost on the world grid. Elon Musk is now the unofficial designated Star Command overlord……(or is that too much?)
We still need to make the combustion engine more economical…simple as that. The EV’s of today have a place they are carving out, however,….time vs. savings seem to be the arc.

Artificial Intelligence is as corny as it sounds……kinda makes you want to crack open that crypto wallet and buy you some. {Bitcoin being the first binary math solving joke.} People literally making…or rather trying to make, something out of nothing. Bitcoin only has 21 million “coins”…no more. That alone, in itself should take the steam out for a lot of people……but, common sense on on hiatus somewhere in the Caribbean.

Gas and electric….crypto and cash. The twentieth century moves to the twenty-first. But not so fast…..you need a vaccine and a mask.

Crypto…..Egos are swiftly spent.