Trans Institutional

Truth in Advertising

There are binary codes that drive everything in the computer world, as well as two wheels on a bicycle. There are two genders. People are the ones who make them “Trans” and demonic possession is the end product. If you can stay confused, the devil is winning. If you reject Jesus? You will continue to remain in bondage to the sinful acts of immorality.

Dirty, sinful, lowly people are the ones Jesus came to first, after all, Jesus said: “It was the sick who needed help, not the healthy” He came to the Jew first….then sent Paul to convert the Gentiles. We are still fighting about this two thousand years later. Obviously there IS POWER in the blood.

Any parent today that disrupts the proclivity of their children’s growth are abusers. The whole household is evil and woke to the debauchery most call California now. As a Christian? I love Jesus and my neighbor as myself. Evil is strong, and subtle. Those with ears, let them hear. Turn away from evil and accept Jesus.